Is this the end for Google Pagerank?

Many people see the Google Pagerank as a way of determining how good their SEO work has been over the previous months and have come to accept that Google update these three or four times a year. In fact, up until recently, except for the occasional lapse, Google has been pretty reliable updating the pagerank toolbar. Google says that ‘Webpages with a higher PageRank are more likely to appear at the top of Google search results’, but bearing in mind that PR is effectively historical when we see it on the toolbar, your site might go from PR0 to PR6 and see no actual improvement in traffic from organic search results.

Your actual sites pagerank is updated almost instantly, in fact Google is updating it all the time and it is now much more difficult to manipulate this rank than it use to be, so the focus should be more on actual content, social media impact and getting high quality links from relevant sites linking to your content. Google is also very anti sites that sell links, which often rely on the sites pagerank to determine the price of the sites links, so by not updating this, it effectively takes away this opportunity.

So will there be a pagerank update in 2013?
According to Matt Cutts, this is unlikely and I suspect these will become less and less frequent and it is possible that there won’t be another update at all.

Previous updates have been as follows.
2013: 4 February 2013
2012: 7 November 2012,2 August 2012,2 May 2012, 7 February 2012
2011: 7 November 2011,August 2011, July 2011, June 2011, JANUARY 2011
2010: April 2010
2009: Dec 31, 2009, 30 October 2009, 27/28 May 2009, June 2009, 1 / 2 April 2009
2008: 30-31 December 2008, 27 September 2008, 26 July 2008, 29 April 2008, 9 January 2008
2007: 26 October 2007, 28 April 2007

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