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How to monetize you website – Part II (Affiliate Marketing)

Affiliate marketing is probably on of the most popular ways to monetize your website after Adsense. This type of marketing works by paying you a percentage each time traffic from you site visits there site and makes a purchase. There are quite a few large affiliate networks such as Commission Junction, Click Bank, Trade Doubler, […]

Google Hummingbird

Google Hummingbird algorithm

It looks like Google has introduced a completely new algorithm, this time it is called Hummingbird. Google has produced a number of updates fairly recently, starting with ‘Caffeine’ in 2010, these were then followed by the widely talked about ‘Pengiun’ and ‘Panda’ updates. This time it is different though as this is a brand new […] Scam scam

So, it looks like after a redesign and there previous sites have been taken down that the makers of, and the various other incarnations have come back with more of the same. This time offering a $25 sign up bonus and a massive $10 per unique visitor. The previous methods only offered either […]

Panda Bot Network

Panda Bot Network

What is Panda Bot Network? Panda Bot Network (PBN) is a free website where members download software, called Panda Smart Browser (PSB), they can then use the software to automatically browse other members websites based on keywords they supply. This in turn will earn credits/time, which can then be used to get other members to […]